Analysis of Car Mechanic Simulator in your jump to Xbox One and PS4

Become a car mechanic with the Car Mechanic Simulator, the well-known PlayWay saga that now lands in consoles by The Hand of Koch Media.

Car Mechanic Simulator is a simulator in which you will have your own mechanical workshop

Car Mechanic Simulator is a simulator in which you will have your own mechanical workshopChallenging us to find, repair, paint, refine, sell and even test vehicles. The goal is to renovate vehicles to gradually build and expand our premises, finding missions of all kinds, with different difficulties and time limitations that will test all your skill.

As soon as you start you will have to choose the first car you would like to practice with, finding a total of 48 vehicles at our disposal. It is a game with many tools to handle, so we recommend starting with the tutorial to understand the basics. In general it is quite good and helps us to familiarize ourselves with the interface, although we miss a little more clarity in certain aspects for those who have not tried the saga before.

The mechanics have adapted quite well, developing everything from a first-person perspective and being able to move freely through the workshop to examine the vehicles, lift them to the elevator to change some parts from the bottom or visit the work table to repair parts among many other tasks. There is even the possibility to leave the workshop to go in search of new vehicles and parts in auctions or scrapping, to go to car showrooms to exhibit vehicles or even to visit different tracks to test our creations. We were very pleasantly surprised how well the controls and interface have been adapted to the console controls, where we have not missed the keyboard and mouse despite working better.

It is a game in which money is very important, something that is evident from the very beginning, so scrapping is of great importance when it comes to finding cheap parts that we can repair to save a game click here visiting junkyards, barns or scrapyards among others we have loved, since we have to explore to find parts or cars rust that with a little care, we can retrieve to create authentic jewelry. It’s a lot cheaper than buying something new, but you have to consider whether it’s worth it when you have to fix it.

Assembling, with the silhouette of the objects that we can put in the corresponding place appearing

Assembling, with the silhouette of the objects that we can put in the corresponding place appearingOne curiosity, and one that is to be welcomed, is that the pieces that we can dismantle appear with a green silhouette, while the yellow one tells us that we must first remove other parts and the red one that are difficult to access. 

From the menu we can see the pending orders, notes on the parts and access our inventory to search and sell parts that we do not believe necessary for the project, with a very clear interface that makes everything very agile. When the time comes we also have access to a tablet that will save us some trip to the workshop computer, place that you will visit very often to buy new components. If we also approach the vehicle, other options such as mounting parts are activated.

Of course, commissions come to be the missions of the game. There are all kinds of them, from some simple ones in which we are told what the problem of the vehicle is and if we can add basic things to it, to others in which we have to be guided by our intuition to find the problem. It is very complete in this sense and you will even learn small details that will serve you in real life. They are also generated randomly, so the game will be as long as your proposal attracts you.

By fulfilling these tasks we gradually generate money with which we can expand our workshop and create multi-level car parks, as well as experience points that we can spend on a tree of improvements. It may seem simple at first glance, but it gives us a very satisfactory sense of progress.

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