Fortnite versus PUBG: which of these rival video games is better?

If you have highlighted a genre in video games this year that has been called “battle royale.” An unstoppable phenomenon that has captivated a very adolescent audience. It has two main exponents , Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ( PUBG , its initials by which it is known). Over time other similar proposals have emerged and have changed perspective to such emblematic sagas as Call of Duty or Battlefield.

Faced with the risk of being left out, ” Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII ” introduced a category that simulates this style of fun that, without being a pioneer or really new, has attracted millions of people. What does it really consist of? Well, we must start from the basis that this approach tests gamers to a very extreme level. One must survive a contest in which dozens of users are simultaneously confronted, in this case, the figure reaches the limit of one hundred people.

If there is something that gives faith to what in these titles is cooked is to put at the same level to all fighters. All assault an extensive game map with just a little material to perform their activities. Naked in practicality, the goal is simply to survive while collecting tools and weapons to improve your skills, you hide and you end up against your enemies. And always with the constant pressure of a map that narrows with time. The triumph is won by the one who earns the most points and remains standing when the counter has finished.

The Fortnite 

Due to its dexterity and accessibility, Fortnite is the one who has taken the cat to the water most of the year. Free download, the title, developed by Epic Games, has fully hit with the new distribution models that is based on offering free experience but with a significant flow of micropayments, its true financial nature. Being cross-platform ( available for iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One ) has led him to become very popular. It managed to chain massive audiences of 3.3 million viewers live, with two hundred million registered users, although it has been losing interest in recent months.


PUBG, on the other hand, has always defended the idea of ​​paying for content in order to get started, although on mobile platforms the Tencent title is free, which in turn has earned the most adolescent audience. At the beginning, when it appeared last year, it registered important peaks of users who enjoyed their computer versions. The arrival at Xbox One after a while had a good reception,although it led to some criticism for its technical weakness. Now, his recent arrival on the PlayStation 4 paves the way for a new growth of his community, although he has a “but”: it depends on where you buy the progress you have made, you will stay on that platform.

Although both proposals match the same form of digital entertainment, they are also very different in the set of ideas developed. While PUBG focuses on a rather realistic conflict, where players feel part of a conventional war, with a less childish audience, Fortnite delves into more recreational issues and walks through a more informal side. The reproduction of the characters and the environment in which a contest of all against all begins, laughs at himself, has a more marked optic. It is recognizable to the league. His particular visual style, carefree and lively, is everything because he plans on a humorous aesthetic. For tastes, colors, but approaching one or the other may depend, first, on the interests of each profile or, second, on whether you play with friends,

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The Mechanics of Fortnite Vs. PUBG

Not only they differ in the aesthetic; also in the mechanics and possibilities within the game. Fortnite, for example, was not born solely as “battle royale”; This mode has been gaining strength and, now, gives the feeling that it is the only thing that is known about him. At the technical level, it favors coverage and has a more frenetic pace. Players can build buildings and walls to reguardescerse, so to create these “fortifications” you have to demolish some objects and surrounding elements.

It is similar to what happens in “Minecraft”, another of the most successful videogames of recent times. And it includes diverse secondary activities very varied that far surpass their rival. PUBG is more classic in that sense, and one might think that the action runs through a game in the Call of Duty series – in fact it can be played in the first person. It has a much larger map than Fortnite, but sometimes it feels like something wasted. Both, however, access the game conflict in the same way; by air. Parachute jumping has become a trend that seems, inevitably, come to stay.

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